Embarrassing Questions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be the most wonderful time in your life- or the most embarrassing. The pregnant body can go through some amazing changes, but not all of these changes are for the better. Bloating, varicose veins, and swollen feet are just some of the changes to expect in pregnancy. Here are the answers to what may be some of your most embarrassing questions during pregnancy:

Why am I getting hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are typically the result of your baby pressing down on the veins in your rectum. This can occur in late-stage pregnancy or during labor and delivery. To minimize hemorrhoid issues, keep your rectum clean and apply cold compresses to ease flare-ups. Using hemorrhoid creams may also help.

What about sex?

There is no reason why you cannot continue to enjoy sex during part or all of your pregnancy. This includes “regular” sex, anal sex, and oral sex. It is also OK to use a vibrator or other sex toy. If you are at risk for preterm labor, however, your doctor may advise that you and your partner refrain from sexual intercourse or orgasm.

Could I poop while pushing out the baby?

While you are bearing down in order to deliver your baby, you will be using a lot of the same muscles that are involved in bowel movement. As a result, you may end up also pushing out some fecal material. While it’s nothing that your doctor or midwife hasn’t seen before, it can be embarrassing. To help prevent this situation, maintain a healthy diet that is high in fiber and drink plenty of liquids. Light exercise can also be helpful, especially if you are feeling constipated.

What can I do about my urinary incontinence?

You’ll be using the bathroom more often as your pregnancy progresses because the baby will press down on your bladder. However, you may also experience some urinary incontinence, especially if you cough or sneeze. This problem can also continue after your pregnancy is over due to your recently stretched pelvic floor muscles. To remedy the situation, try doing Kegel exercises on a regular basis and avoid diuretics such as coffee.

Why are my breasts leaking?

In your third trimester you might notice that your breasts are leaking a yellowish fluid. This is colostrum, which is a result of the body’s hormonal changes as it prepares for breastfeeding. In some women, colostrum does not appear until after the baby is born, but some women start producing it in their third trimester. If your colostrum starts showing through your shirts, you can wear nursing pads inside of your bra until the leaking stops.

Why does my vagina have an odd odor?

As your estrogen levels peak during pregnancy, you may secrete more cervical fluid than usual. This cervical fluid, called leucorrhea, is normally a white or milky color. It is nothing to worry about, although you may wish to wear light pads to protect your underwear. If, however, your vaginal discharge has a yellowish or greenish color, or is accompanied by a foul odor, you should contact your doctor. A vaginal discharge that is accompanied by itching or skin redness could indicate that you have a yeast infection or STD.

Why do I have gas?

Progesterone is partly the culprit behind embarrassing bloating, belching, and gas, because it slows down your digestive tract. Your growing baby is the other problem: as it takes up more and more room reserved for your gut, your organs become cramped and displaced. To stop the majority of digestive tract problems, avoid gassy foods like cabbage, cheese, and beans. Eat small portions, drink lots of water, and don’t forget to exercise.

How can I stop my constipation?

Constipation is quite common during pregnancy because of progesterone’s slowing effect on digestion. However, certain prenatal vitamins can also make you constipated. If your constipation is a result of your prenatal vitamins, you can request that your doctor prescribe vitamins containing a stool softener. Be sure to take a fiber supplement as well, drink plenty of water, and keep up with your exercise regimen.


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