Twelve Fun and Easy Craft Projects for Easter

One festive way to celebrate the Easter season is with easy-to-make crafts that the whole family can enjoy. While dyed and decorated Easter eggs are one of the most popular craft projects at this time of year, parents and children can enjoy a number of other arts and crafts projects to brighten up any Easter celebration.

Pop-up eggs

The secret to these unique Easter decorations is a brightly colored strip of construction paper folded into an accordion shape and glued, or taped, to an egg-shaped piece of card stock. By bending the card stock at an angle and taping two or three together, it’s possible to construct a delightful 3-D egg to adorn the dining room table or to hang from a doorway. Parents can get more details at

Easter egg wreaths

Custom-decorated plastic eggs make a lovely wreath, especially when combined with spring green foam leaves in a decorative pattern. Kids will love seeing their handiwork displayed on the front door, and parents can enjoy the bright colors and durable materials for years to come. Learn more at

Egg chickens

Boiled and dyed eggs are the basis for these adorable little Easter decorations. First, dye the eggs in yellow, orange and red hues and allow them to dry. Then cut beaks, combs and feet from felt fabric and glue in place. A black permanent marker can be used to dot the eyes, making these personable little creatures the perfect addition to Easter décor. Details are available at

Daffodil cups

These bright floral cups can be used for candy or small toys and look great as part of a buffet setting. Scrapbook or stiff wrapping paper can be used as the base of the daffodil, while miniature baking cups in pastel tones mimic the petals of these delicate spring flowers. They are perfect as an individual treat, and parents can learn how to construct these Easter cups at

Stick bunnies and chicks

Recycled popsicle sticks or craft sticks make excellent bases for elaborate puppet creations. Apply stickers or cut out ears, eyes, a nose and whiskers from construction paper or craft foam to create custom decorative puppets for use in an Easter puppet show performance that both parents and kids can enjoy. One craft stick puppet design is available from, but the possibilities are endless.

Spruce up a plant

Adding a personal touch to a houseplant can dress up a home and garden and even make a lovely gift for friends and family. Wood and plastic are the best choices for colorful Easter-themed inserts; ducks, bunnies and eggs are among the most popular and can be painted to suit any décor. Parents and children can use the instructions at as a starting point for their own unique designs.

Jelly bean necklaces
A fun and edible project for younger children, a jelly bean necklace can add a touch of holiday spirit to any fashion ensemble. Pastel or brightly colored jelly beans can be strung on satin ribbon, embroidery floss or string to produce these unique jewelry creations. Hints and tips for getting the best results are available at

Flock of lambs

These fun tabletop decorations are constructed from baby socks, pink and tan felt, pompoms and other readily available craft items and are designed to fit over eggs to create a delightful flock of baby lambs. Simply cut the baby socks to the desired size, and then attach a circle of tan felt to create the face. Embroidery floss is used to add the nose and mouth, and attachable eyes bring the little lambs to life. Outer ears of tan felt and inner ears of pink provide a whimsical touch to this delightful project, described in more detail at

Handmade Easter cards

Kids love exercising their imagination and creative thinking skills; they can put both to work by designing Easter cards for friends and family members using card stock, markers, glue and glitter. Construction paper cut-outs can add interest to flat cards, while 3-D card designs are as much fun to make as they are to give. Children can construct their own unique creations or take inspiration from ideas on sites like

Easter hats

Kids and parents can create delightful wearable art by gluing silk flowers, ribbons and other Easter decorations to simple straw hats. Themed hats might include bunnies and chicks or Easter egg motifs. Best of all, the hats can be worn in an impromptu Easter parade, providing even more entertainment for parents and children during the Easter season. The video instructions at can provide starter ideas for unique Easter hats.

Mantel bunnies

Made with poster board, ribbons and pompoms, these adorable mantel sitters are perfect Easter decorations for the fireplace. Pattern ribbons are used for the legs, while the face, ears, hands and feet are constructed from poster board and can be customized to make lop-eared bunnies and other delightful Easter companions. Detailed instructions are provided at

Stained glass eggs

The perfect window accessory for the Easter season, these handmade sun catchers can be sized to suit any window or attention span. Simply trace an egg shape in the middle of a sheet of construction paper or card stock and cut it carefully, leaving an egg-shaped hole in the center of the material. Then apply a sheet of clear adhesive paper to one side of the paper. Kids can then add bits of brightly colored tissue paper in a single layer on the adhesive material, making a beautiful, translucent stained glass egg that allows the sun to shine through and adds a splash of brilliant color to any room. Parents can get a list of materials at

Participating in these simple craft projects is a wonderful way for parents to share the Easter season with their children. Projects can be tailored to the specific religious or spiritual views of the family, or they can simply be a chance for parents and kids to enjoy fun activities together and make the most of the Easter season.


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