Laundry room ideas 15 clever ways to tidy up your utility


1.bold color on the wall

You can decorate with different bold color design on the wall of the room and pretty pillows on the bed in the room.

2.climbing wall

You use a cool painted climbing wall in the room and a painted mountain on the border in the room.

3.tree house dream decoration

In the room, you draw a tree on the wall bedroom and a leafy tree painted on the room wall.

4.cloudy wall painting

In the bedroom, you can paint clouds on the bedroom wall and design just like the sky in the bedroom.

5.the apple painting

In the bedroom, you can draw an apple on the bedroom wall, and lights are installed in the room.

6.Painting of space

In the bedroom, you painted just like space in theroom, and light is installed. of maps

In the room, a chart of the world map is attached to the wall to understand the geography.

8.pretty dollhouse

You decorate the room with a dollhouse in the room, and several toys are present on the table.


You can decorate the room with a chart in the room and the number of the books that you read books.

10.The Reading Corner

In the corner of the room, you arranged a reading area for you.


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